New Album Out NOW!!!

New Album Out NOW!!!


Steve Deal's debut album "Four Rivers" is  Australian alt country music at its finest. Steve grew up in Cootamundra and found a love for music listening to his mum’s records which included Bread, Kenny Rogers, Glenn Campbell and soon fell in love with Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly and Aussie pub rock. It wasn’t until he found himself living in Asheville, North Carolina that he fell hard for country music. It was in Carolina that he discovered Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and Eric Church who have influenced his music tremendously along with all the artists that he listened to as a kid. After fourteen years living in the deep south and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Steve moved back to Australia last year and began work on his debut country album “Four Rivers”. The title track and his first single, Four Rivers, speaks of four places that are dear to Steve’s heart and the rivers that run through them.


With "Bush Ballads", "Driving Country Rock", "Swampy Southern Blues", "Alternative Country Pop" and songs about love, life, trains, driving, criminals, Australia and growing up in Cootamundra, Steve Deal's debut album "Four Rivers" will have you playing it over and over again.

The Today Show  

This morning I was interviewed on the Today Show, what a great experience that was. As a result the new album went back to the number 1 spot on the iTunes country charts - check out the spot here

Album hits #1 on iTunes Country Chart 

Last week, the first single "Four Rivers" hit #1 on the singles chart, tonight, "Four Rivers" the album of the same name hit #1 on the ITunes Country Album chart. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the music!


When we came back from America 18 months ago, I started driving a bus to put food on the table and work in the mornings driving the L85 from Mona Vale to Wynyard. This week, it got weird. We stayed up Monday night watching my first single "Four Rivers" appear on the chart in the afternoon and climb to the # 1 spot pushing Keith Urban to #2 and Taylor Swift to #3. I love Keith Urban and my daughters love Tay Tay and there's my name at #1 above theirs...then Tuesday morning, going to Mona Vale bus depot and getting in the L85 and driving it to town. I like my job but it was just a surreal feeling driving Tuesday morning with a number 1 song on the charts....hmmm just another day on the buses...

Four rivers. 

Four Rivers is the first single from the album of the same's really about a Cootamundra lad that took off and just kept on going. I wrote it thinking about some of the places that mean a lot to me, mostly because of the people associated with those places but also because they're beautiful spots, places that stir me up inside. There's not many things I like doing more than hanging by a river and writing songs or having a glass or 2 of red with great friends.

The first verse talks about the Murrumbidgee River at Jugiong. Much of the time when I go bush, I head there and bust out the acoustic. I'd like to have a little house there one day as I love the area. I grew up down the road at Cootamundra which will always be my hometown and a place I love. I'm so thankful I grew up there and for the great people I grew up with. I love getting back to Coota.

The second verse talks about Asheville in North Carolina where I lived for years. We lived a minute from the French Broad River, my mate Dave reckons it was named after some French broad but he's full of it. I used to park the car there and play my guitar by the river, watching the water rush by and the trains roll down the tracks on the other side of the river. The place is absolutely beautiful, set in the blue ridge mountains. Even more beautiful are the people. Some of my dearest friends were made there and boy, do I miss them. I can't wait to go back and visit and play some music in the local pubs that nurture such a vibrant music scene. You'll see bluegrass bands busking and in the pubs every week, it's like being in a movie.

The third verse is a bit different...I didn't live in Montana but visited with my mate Dave. We went through some things in Asheville that were pretty turbulent and rough on us and many of our friends. We didn't talk for a year but when the truth came out, we reconciled and ended up driving his Winnebago across the country and had the absolute best time, many great memories were made. I'll never forget floating down the Flathead river with Dave fly fishing and thinking about how good it is to have great friends, friendships that endure through the storms of life and reconciliation.

Verse four is set near Calgary Alberta. Every time, and there were many, that I visited my Canadian mates, I'd make time to go spend a few days in Canmore and Banff...driving around that area literally takes my breath away, I'm blown away by the majesty of creation in the Canadian Rockies. I've not seen anything like it and I keep thinking about going there and spending some of my remaining years hanging out there with the wonderful people and those ridiculous mountains.

Watch the video here -


The slow dance of making an album over the internet... 

I used to be a "full time" musician when I lived in America for 14 years, writing music and being a music director for churches in the South. Producing albums over the years has been very rewarding but none as much as the new record "Four Rivers". We moved back to Australia last year and I went and got a job driving a Sydney Bus to put food on the table and get established back in the homeland. It's been a dream for a while to get a Country album completed and doing so on a part time bus drivers wage has been a challenge to say the least.

I would spend hours laboring over the songs during the writing process and then I'd program drums, bass, keys etc and start building the song on my mac.

The next step involved leveraging many of the relationships I'd made over the years in the States, calling my friends and asking them to replace the programmed parts with the real instruments in studios that they work with or run. Jay Tooke is a friend and producer and talented drummer, bassist, guitarist and God knows what else. He laid down all the drum tracks in a studio in Nashville TN. Sean Hurley used to be in a band called Vertical Horizon and he laid down some bass tracks for me when he had nights off touring with John Mayer. The amazing Robert Henson laid down the rest of the bass tracks and smokes any other bass player I've heard lately. Hugh Wilson is an Aussie living in NYC who sung on Savage Garden's first album, he's toured with Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz doing backing vocals and is a producer and one of, if not the best singer I've ever heard...I'd send him my half finished songs and he'd lay down the backing vocals. Martin Kearns in Atlanta is a friend who has played with James Brown, REM, Shawn Mullins just to name a few. Marty laid down amazing organs, piano and even a piano accordion. Getting the files back from these guys and others over the internet was a blast. I'd replace the "fake" programmed instruments with the real stuff and the project just came together beautifully. It's a beautiful thing working with pro's who hear a song and know exactly what it needs.

While it would be an amazing experience getting all these guys in a studio and recording an album in a few weeks together, I had to settle for pulling this project together over the internet as the part time bus driving wage wouldn't accommodate getting us all together....but I'd do it all again this way as it just felt right. It's taken 2 years but it's finally done and I honestly couldn't be happier with the amazing results. I hope y'all dig the new record.


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Four rivers debuted on the iTunes chart on Monday night and went straight to #1 with Keith Urban and Taylor Swift at #2 and #3 respectively. Thanks to everyone for supporting me and buying the song, it stayed in the top 10 this week and I can't wait for the album to drop next week. Stay tuned!!!

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